Original Geek Art: “New Who”


From time to time we run across amazing Fan-Art, and this is no exception. Say hello to the beautifully drawn & colored “New Who” from artist Janey-Jane. If you listen to our podcast, you would know that between Ryan, Watson, and I, Dr. Who was a geek blind spot. To ensure we covered this blind spot we all agreed  to watch the series starting from the beginning with the 9th Doctor (because that makes sense). And thanks to that recent watching, we can adequately identify the fist two characters as The Doctor & Rose. (Please don’t ask us to identify the rest, we’re not there yet). But all credit goes back to Janey-Jane. Whovians: Can you identify them all?

2 thoughts on “Original Geek Art: “New Who””

  1. 9 – Rose – 10 – Martha – Donna – 11 – Amy – Rory


    Micky was a big part of things later in 10’s run with Rose — he should be there too
    Jack is missing — stick him in there between 9 & 10 — he’d love that.
    River is missing too — she needs to be in there between 10 & 11 — you’ll understand when you get to those episodes.

    I understand that you can’t really go back and add…but it’s incomplete for “New” Who…as there is no 12 or Clara.

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  2. Oh boy, yeah I finished this almost 4 years ago now, and I knew when drawing it that it would be quickly out of date.
    That said, even though I completed this prior to River coming back and becoming such a big part of 11’s plot, I don’t think I would include her in this even if I were to redo it today. I very deliberately chose which characters to include and how to position them – I wanted to capture the Doctors and their primary companions, not every regularly recurring character (that’s why Mickey isn’t in here, or Jackie, Wilf, etc.). For me River (and Jack, for that matter) don’t fall into ‘companion’ territory – they’re more equals to the Doctor in terms of knowledge and understanding how the universe/time travel works – more free-agents that cross paths with the Doctor repeatedly than a consistent humanizing, tempering element that acts as a stand-in for the audience (I have to say that Moffat’s companions are a rather different species, but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms).

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