Spider-Verse Inspires The Next Top 40 Smash!

The "Mary Janes"?  "Face It Tiger, You Hit The JackPOT"?  Thank you Mr. Stan "Subtle" Lee.
The “Mary Janes”? “Face It Tiger, You Hit The JackPOT”? Thank you Mr. Stan “Subtle” Lee.

Ok, maybe not.  (Editor’s note: Jimmy, definitely not since this news is months old.)  But Texas band Married With Sea Monsters have actually recorded a version of the soon to be hit song played by the Mary Jane Watson/Gwen Stacey lead band The Mary Janes from Edge of Spider-Verse #2.  Yes, this is a little old, but is new to me and is relevant again this week with the launch of the new Spider-Gwen solo book.  (The song and band even get a mention in the thank yous that take up what will be the letters column space of issue #1.)

Have a listen…

As an aside, the first issue is pretty good.  It has a similar feel to the recent Silk #1 and it’s hard for all these Spider-Women not to just come across as a gender switched Spider-Man.  While I probably won’t continue on with SilkSpider-Gwen has the advantage of not taking place in the 616 and opens it up to many more possibilities to play with alternate versions of characters of the Marvel Universe.  We see several in the first issue alone.  I’d also recommend giving Edge of Spider-Verse #2 a quick re-read before tackling this issue, as it picks up shortly after it (and Spider-Verse as a whole) and continues many of the plot threads.

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