Original Geek Art: STAR WARS


In this weeks edition of “Original Geek Art” we’d like to bring your attention to these beautiful Star Wars hand drawn and colored posters. All credit goes to Ben over at Bensmind. Ben states that when he was younger he used to make books about going out and about in the world where he’d write and draw about his experience. Now, all grown up, Ben is a graphic designer. The Star Wars prints came about because he proclaims himself as a massive sci-fi geek. His ETSY shop proves his passion. You can see anything from what we are featuring, to Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Dark Tower, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Breaking Bad and so much more! See more of Ben’s amazing work after the break…






grunge industrial background

grunge industrial background

Hey Ben! My only question is where is the Princesses Leia print? As a geek-girl, I’d love to be able to sport that in my house, looks like you have some homework to do 😀

The posters found on Ben’s ETSY site are signed, individually and personally numbered on the back. He wraps them in tissue paper, covered in brown paper for more protection and then ships them in a hard tube. I can’t wait! I know a room that needs these immediately!

Thanks Ben! Beautiful work!



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