Avengers Age of Ultron 3rd Trailer: Now With Vision Enhancement


The third trailer for Avengers Age of Ultron has dropped.  Like I need to say anything else.  Trailer below the cut.

6 thoughts on “Avengers Age of Ultron 3rd Trailer: Now With Vision Enhancement”

  1. Was this the trailer they were going to air during “American Crime” on ABC tomorrow night? A show, I might add, I have zero interest in.

    Nice little snippets in there.

    I’ll view it again when I get home on my nice big TV via the Youtube app.


  2. One other thought…

    Will they have any links between AOS and the MCU/Avengers 2?

    As of today, there are 8 episodes coming out before May 1st and then 3 more episodes remaining for AOS after May 1st.

    That’s a LOT of time to introduce bits and pieces — IF — this is something they are going to do.

    Next week’s AOS, Sif is coming back… *sigh* I’m kinda tired of seeing her truth be told.

    Will there be anything there? **shrug**


  3. The Hubs asked me yesterday, around 10-ish pm, “Have you seen this new Avengers trailer?”

    I laughed lightly and said, “Four times — including once on the TV through the Youtube app.”

    His response was, “Of course you have,” and then he proceeded to watch it on his phone.



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