“I didn’t know you could fly a plane!” “Fly yes. Land? HELL TO THE YES!”

Harrison Ford is a badass. We all knew that. This is just one more piece of evidence.

When his WW2 era biplane engine froze up, Han Solo sprung into action, putting the plane down perfectly; in an area that put the fewest people on the ground at risk.

After Harrison Ford was rushed to the hospital after crash-landing his small plane onto a golf course near Santa Monica airport, one of the first things eyewitnesses pointed out to EW was just how “masterful” his landing was. (Which shouldn’t be all that surprising, considering the actor’s storied history with planes.)

They’re not the only ones who are commending the 72-year-old. People talked to Rick Dake of Aviation Consulting Experts, and he agreed. “Everything he did was perfect,” Dake says.

Look folks! This is a man who can do a speed race in a measurement of distance. He knows his way around the cockpit! In all seriousness though, we are very glad Mr Ford is ok! Losing Indy so soon after Spock would have been crushing!
Source: EW

PS- The headline is a tweak on a Last Crusade quote, Jenny.

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