Pucked From Beyond The Grave

Wrong Puck!
Wrong Puck!

Wolverine is somewhat renowned as, among other things, a short superhero.  Most adult male Marvel heroes that aren’t Spider-Man easily get to be about six feet tall, minimum, while Wolverine is a measly 5’4″ tall.  To make Wolverine look tall, his onetime sorta Alpha Flight teammate Puck is needed.  Puck absorbed a mystical sorcerous swordsman and managed to have his body condensed to half his regular size, so he generally appears to be, like, 2 feet tall.

Oh, and he was killed in an offhand, offscreen manner early in Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers run along with most of Alpha Flight to make a bad guy look tougher.

Right Puck!
Right Puck!

Puck, along with most of the old Alpha Flight, stands proud as what he is:  a Canadian stereotype.  Created by Canadian writer and artist John Byrne, Puck had enhanced strength, agility, durability, and slowed aging due to his molecules being squeezed together or something.  Alpha Flight’s original appearance in Uncanny X-Men #120 was intended to forcibly bring intended team leader Wolverine back to Canada.  Obviously they failed, but Puck was added when the team got its own solo book.  And what better way to maintain the Canadian stereotype tradition then by naming the new guy after a piece of hockey equipment, particularly since the costume he wore made him look like his namesake when he rolled himself into a ball and launched himself at bad guys.

Yes, who wouldn’t want a dense acrobatic little person on their team?  Particularly one who rivaled Wolverine for body hair.  Given that Puck was absent for the foray against the X-Men, my guess is Puck was deemed a suitable replacement for the category of “short hairy guy” that the team obviously needed.

They also had a tall hairy guy.
They also had a tall hairy guy.

Alpha Flight existed as a steady team for many years, sometimes with their own series, and while Northstar is probably the best-known member, Puck was usually hanging around.

That would be why he died against the Collective, which was the result of M-Day.  The mutant Xorn, who may or may not have been Magneto at one point, gathered all the energies of depowered mutants and possessed an Alaskan mailman.  Before finally being defeated by the New Avengers, the Collective ran into Alpha Flight and managed to kill the lot of them between panels except for Sasquatch, the requisite tall hairy guy.  That included Puck.

Seriously, Alpha Flight, a team that had been around for years and included some of Wolverine’s closest non mutant friends was killed off as canon fodder for no good reason.

But you can’t keep a good piece of sporting goods down, so Puck ran into Wolverine in Hell, briefly became king of the place when he grabbed Satan’s sword, and has since come back during the “Fear Itself” storyline to become a member of X-Force.

Now, if only a Google Image search didn’t bring up a ton of pics of Puck next to Peter Dinklage, we can all get along easier.

Don't ask how he gets in and out of that outfit if he needs to use a bathroom.
Don’t ask how he gets in and out of that outfit if he needs to use a bathroom.

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  1. Od jutra zaczynam odchudzanie, kto sie odchudza ze mna? Znalazlam w internecie dobry sposob na schudniecie, poszukajcie sobie na youtube – xxally radzi spalanie tluszczu


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