Spoiler Free Review: What We Do In the Shadows

Finally! A good, new movie hits the art house; and one with total geek appeal at that!

Now that Oscar season has passed, the nominees and winners can begin to make way for the fresh blood on art house screens. And this new entry would be very interested in that fresh blood, because What We Do In the Shadows is the hilarious story of a group of vampires (ranging from 6000 years old to more modern converts) living in New Zealand.

The film is the brainchild of the Flight of the Concords team, which I had never seen because it is on TV, but based on this movie I think I would enjoy. Still not gonna watch it though…

The comedy is very dry most of the time, which is great in itself, but when it hits a home run, the humor elicits broad, “my chest hurts” cackles. Best laugh of the film comes when the lothario vampire explains why vampires prefer to drink the blood of virgins. I think I peed a little in that scene.

If you like dry comedy, this is the March movie for you!

Rating: 8.5 Sandwiches out of 10!

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