The Cadbury Conundrum: Part 1


It’s that time of year again. You know the one – where you walk through the grocery store and all the Easter candy is out. Screw Christmas, screw Valentines Day, screw Halloween (the most sacred of all candy holidays) because Easter candy reins supreme. And the only reason why is Cadbury Creme Eggs.

I can’t even begin to express my obsession with Cadbury Creme Eggs, let alone Cadbury as a chocolate company. To me, there is nothing better in this world (well maybe Toblerone, because I do loves me some nougat in my chocolate) than cadbury chocolate with a creamy center. I don’t care what you say – THERE IS NOTHING BETTER!

My obsession is well known to my friends around the world. I have friends who send me photos of them eating Cadbury chocolate, I have friends send me pictures of stand alone Cadbury eggs. I even have friends go as far as to actually bring me Cadbury chocolate from their worldly travels (those friends are keepers).

Just to hit it home – here is a real picture I took of my cake plate (also known as my appetizer dish I fill with candy) that is currently home to my Cadbury Eggs. I just bought these today. These will be gone within the week. I kid you not:


Alas, my obsession comes with a cost. You might be thinking rotting teeth and expanding waistlines, and you’d be right (to an extent), but I haven’t totally let myself go – come check up on me when I’m 75 and we’ll see what all this Cadbury egg eating has done to my body. But for now, I will indulge and enjoy. Anyway – back to the cost – you see, not too long ago it was announced that Cadbury was no longer going to be sold in the US. As you can imagine, I had a complete melt-down. Huffington Post reports:

Hershey owns the rights to make and sell any chocolate products with the Cadbury name in the U.S., and will still do so in many cases. Cadbury eggs will still be around, for example — but now they’ll taste slightly different because British-made Cadbury chocolate is produced under a different recipe (the first ingredient in U.K. Cadbury chocolate is milk, while the first in American-made Cadbury chocolate is sugar, according to the New York Times). LBB is also halting their imports of British-made Kit Kats, but the American-made version will still be around.”

Are you freaking kidding me Hershey?! Your chocolate tastes like poop-sticks compared to Cadbury chocolate. Cadbury’s first ingredient in their chocolate is milk – and your’s, Hershey? What is your first ingredient? Sugar? I’m so depressed right now. DAMN ALL HUMANITY! Okay, okay – so I’m being a little dramatic. Thankfully the Cadbury Creme Eggs will still be around, but they won’t be the same. Never the same.

So what’s a girl to do with this Cadbury conundrum? TO THE INTERWEBS! [Insert special “interwebs” theme song to match the batman theme song].

Help me loyal listeners and readers. What is the solution? Do I move to the UK? Is there a black market for Cadbury? Should I just start making my own chocolate creme eggs? Stick around for Part 2 next week!



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