Documentary Review: Please Subscribe


My wife is no geek, but we do enjoy watching some documentaries together.  Recently, we saw Please Subscribe on Netflix.

The film interviews a number of YouTube personalities, each of whom seems to have a minimum of 200,000 subscribers and all of whom apparently make their entire living off making YouTube videos.

I’ll admit some of the videos and the video makers seemed interesting, but the bottom line seems to be that there are people who found out you can make money off YouTube, and may even be considered celebrities to the right crowds.  The movie amounts to little more than a series of profiles off some people with different degrees of creativity.

I will give special mention to the last person in the film, Zach Anner.  Zach has cerebral palsy and makes a travel show with his friends while he himself is confined to a wheelchair.  Anner was actually incredibly funny and philosophical, perhaps the most interesting person featured in the movie.

But if you were looking for some special insight into what makes a YouTube video maker tick, you’re probably not going to get it, so I’ll say six subscribers out of ten.  The film wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t earth-shattering either.

It did show me this exists, though, even if the cool part is only about half the total runtime:

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