Spoiler Free Mini Review: “Leaving Megalopolis” (or “Watson Read a Comic…”)

exclusive-simone-and-calafiores-bring-leaving-megalopolis-to-darI don’t often read comics (insert my diatribe about commitment issues and how much I hate Jimmy here), but in the Gabbing Geek Editorial bullpen this weekend, Ryan mentioned a standalone TPB story about heroes gone mad and how the normal people try to survive.  Sounded intriguing, so I spent a little money at Comixology and give it a try.  What did I think?  Click on to find out.

While it wasn’t my absolute FAVORITE comic in the world, I did enjoy it.  In 12o pages, Gail Simone created a believable universe, an utter sense of terror, and provided a conclusion that leaves room for sequels that I can choose to read or ignore.


The story is in essence a horror tale but one in which the protagonists are trying to avoid murderous superheroes rather than zombies.  These people could be accompanying Rick and Cole in Walking Dead, but instead they are trying to survive a Justice League gone mad.  Simone ultimately provides a good rationale for why the heroes are hunting the humans down and throw in a few fascinating human response plotlines along the way.

Beyond the story itself, the publication of this comic has an interesting origin.  Per CBR:

Simone and Calafiore, who worked together on DC Comics‘ “Secret Six,” launched the Kickstarter for the creator-owned book in August 2012, raising $117,660 from a $34,000 goal. Books started shipping last fall, and a digital version is slated to debut on comiXology.

The story was really fun and creepy, the art by Calafiore was sharp and crisp, and some fun (if expected) twists.

Overall, Leaving Megalopolis does the trick.

I give this book 4 burnt bridges out of 5!


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