Hollywood’s New A-List Stars Are Surprisingly Geeky

Hollywood loves youth. So THR listed 15 rising stars who are getting all the offers these days for up and coming roles. Let’s just say there are a LOT of geek movie offers getting accepted!

Who is on the list with newfound geek cred?

Let’s start with Chadwick Boseman. After rising to fame with 42 and Get On Up, Boseman is out next Black Panther.


Felicity Jones, hot off an Oscar nom with Theory of Everything, is on the list and set to play the lead in Star Wars standalone Rogue One.

Felicity Jones at Burberry Body Fragrance Launch

Lupita Nyong’o, one of two Oscar winners on the list (for 12 Years a Slave) is in Episode 7.


Eddie Redmayne, the other Oscar winner (playing Stephen Hawking alongside Jones in Theory of Everything) played the villain in Jupiter Ascending (fire your agent!).


Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan, both on the list, team up this summer for Fantastic Four.

You get enough attention, Teller!
You get enough attention, Teller!

Emma Stone, of course, played the doomed Gwen Stacy in the doomed Spider-Man reboot.

Definitely a SUPPORTING actress.
Definitely a SUPPORTING actress.

Shailene Woodly actually HEADLINES her geek franchise based on the Insurgent series.

Star material!
Star material!

Margot Robbie, getting a good seat at Spago, will be playing Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

There were no other pictures available.
There were no other pictures available.

Finally, some guy named Chris Pratt is on there.

Five of the 15 have little to no geek cred in the resume (Anna Kendrick, get in a superhero movie!) but the vast majority are right up in the geek chic film renaissance.

Into the Woods doesn’t count!

We’re doing alright, geeks. We’re doing alright!

THR Article in a dreaded slideshow format.

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