Hugh Jackman to Go Out Berzerker Style

wolverine 3

Hugh Jackman posted to his Facebook page three claws with the caption “WOLVERINE… ONE LAST TIME. HJ”  indicating that the third standalone Wolverine film will be his last as the OTHER ill-tempered Canadian (Looking at you, Jimmy).  What’s cool about this picture that you might miss is that Zoe Saldana clicked like.  It’s really her.  I clicked on that link and it went to the Guardians of the Galaxy actress’ official FB page!  Hugh Jackman’s performance as Wolverine has been among the greatest in superhero history.  If he’s going out, let’s get him a great script for Wolverine 3!

One thought on “Hugh Jackman to Go Out Berzerker Style”

  1. Jackman’s been hinting about this for a while. He’s getting too old for this, and each appearance as Wolverine shows him growing increasingly massive. No one can keep that up forever.

    I wonder if he’d come back if Fox and Marvel/Disney worked out a crossover. He’s apparently said in the past he’d love to have Wolverine meet up with Iron Man or the Hulk.


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