Video Time: Dune Explained


Frank Herbert’s Dune is considered a classic of science fiction, an epic novel that has legions of fans.

I didn’t care for it.  Most of the book seemed to be people thinking about what other people were thinking and knowing those people knew they were thinking about what they were thinking about, plus what looked a lot like space drug addiction.  Then there was a coup in the last 50 pages or so.  Also, on the podcast recently, Watson seemed to not know what it was.

Well, I found someone to explain the story for people who don’t know it and lack the time to read an 8,000 or so page novel.  See it behind the cut.  May contain harsh language.

2 thoughts on “Video Time: Dune Explained”

  1. I did listen to the podcast and was a bit shocked that watson had not at least seen the movie. Watson “sleeper must awaken”….. you should see the show.

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