Board Game Review: Cards Against Humanity

Evil entertainment.
Evil entertainment.

Last weekend, my wife and I were invited to some friends’ house for boardgames.  We were going to play, at long last, Arkham Horror.  However, we quickly learned that we should have read the instructions and figured out how to play well before we sat down because this is not a game you learn as you go.

So, instead, after an hour or so of fumbling, we busted out Cards Against Humanity.

This Game Exists?:  Of course it does.  I suspect most of the people reading this have actually played the game already.

Is It Hard To Play?:  Oh hell to the no.

Players are given a number of white cards with various words, names, and phrases written on them.  White cards can have answers on them that range from the harmless to the ugly.  One player draws a black card with a question or a fill-in-the-blank sort of scenario and the other players toss down one or more white cards as their answers to the question.  The player who drew the black card then picks his or her favorite answer.  The questions and cards tend to lead players to give out some downright evil answer.

Some sample answers.
Some sample answers.  I’m partial to the one on the right.

Having a good, if evil, sense of humor really helps.

Is It Fun?:  Every single time I have played, there’s been a lot of laughter.  The board game group we meet up with includes a fellow who’s a very devout Catholic, and he was laughing hard enough to shoot milk out of his nose if he were, you know, drinking any milk.  Considering cards include such possible answers as “Coat-hanger abortions” and references to various forms of hardcore sex acts, alongside references to 80s toys, various politicians, and so forth, well, the only reason it wouldn’t be fun is if this isn’t your typical sense of humor.

When Does It Get Frustrating?:   Maybe when you have to decide when to stop.  Theoretically, you could keep playing for a long, long time.  The rule book, such as it is, does not outline how many hands you need to win to win the whole game.  We basically play until we figure we’re finished then count how many hands every player has won.  The more players involved, the better the game.

Any Neat Features?:  It’s a bunch of black and white cards.  The neatest possible features are additional decks.

You don’t really need neat features here.

More sample answers.
More sample answers.

Overall Score:  10 out of 10 game tokens.  For a game so simple to be so much fun is really something.

2 thoughts on “Board Game Review: Cards Against Humanity”

  1. Played this with my 68 yr old dad about a month ago, it was his first time to play and he was rolling. Once he got over the shock, he became the most offensive of our group. It was magical.


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