Career Comparison: Johnny Depp vs. Furious 7…in Espanol ?!?

depp pirates

What happened, Johnny?  You were the unrivaled box office star of the first decade of the 21st century.  Now the opening weekend of Furious 7 is destroying the former champ.  And I’m not talking about the U.S. markets.  I’m talking about international markets destroying Depp’s U.S. numbers.

First, let’s look at a table analyzing Depp’s last few films since Pirate 4:

Date Movie Lifetime Gross Opening
1/23/2015 Mortdecai $7,696,134 $4,200,586
12/25/2014 Into the Woods $127,924,442 $31,051,923
4/18/2014 Transcendence $23,022,309 $10,886,386
7/3/2013 The Lone Ranger $89,302,115 $29,210,849
5/11/2012 Dark Shadows $79,727,149 $29,685,274
10/28/2011 The Rum Diary $13,109,815 $5,135,369

Pretty sad.  Obviously Furious 7’s U.S. #s destroyed anything Depp has headlined recently (recall, I count Into the Woods as a Streep led property).  But how did Depp’s U.S. box office failures compare to Furious 7’s numbers in non-U.S. markets?  Not that well!  Here is the opening weekend numbers of F7 globally!

Pretty amazing feast and famine situation?  Depp’s s Lone Ranger only opened in U.S. to $10-15m than Furious 7 made…in Mexico, Germany and the UK each! Same with Dark Shadows.    Transcendence’s LIFETIME gross was about the same comparison to those markets’ opening weekend.  Heck, Brazil and Argentina’s opening weekend were more than Mortdeci’s lifetime gross!  When you can’t outgross Argentina’s opening weekend with the total run of a film that cost   $60M to make, you know the global box office tides have changed.

Data:  Box Office Mojo

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