Franchise Mania Goes Deeper Than Films (or “Watson Was Right, Again!”)

Shared universes. Franchises. Spinoffs. They are not new, but it seems the movements is on steroids. Watson argued it was becoming a problem a few weeks ago the Gabbing Geek Podcast. He didn’t know how right he was.

Ok. He (and by he, I mean ME) knew all along he was right.
According to Indiewire, the sickness is pervasive:

The answer no one thought existed quickly arrived, even if no one was really listening for it. Because there are so many choices for TV addicts, new originals departments needed to discover new ways of getting noticed. Having one great show was no longer enough, because people may not know it exists without something else driving them to the channel, website or streaming service. To do this, networks needed to take advantage of properties with enough brand recognition — an existing fan base — to overcome their lack of one.

And thus the revivals began.

That’s right, Ryan and JENNY! You’re beloved franchise mania is encroaching into your beloved TV. It’s the reason I can’t watch Flash. It will mean the reason that The TV Golden Age will end; originality will fall to the side in favor of known brands.

It’s sad being this right, this often!

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