The Only Person Who Likes Paul Blart 2? Watson.

blart2Paul Blart 2 may have performed admirably well in the box office but it earned the rare and elusive 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.  As loyal fans know, back in Episode 30 Watson and Ryan made a series of bets out of a line-betting game for three openers.  Ryan won the first bet by perfectly nailing the Rotten Tomatoes score for Furious 7 but this weekend saw the outcome of the second bet: whether Paul Blart 2 would score lower than 30%.  It did.  By about 30%.

This means that the remarkable has happened: Watson has won a movie bet.  This makes a wash with the Furious 7 bet and only the Ultron bet will break the tie.  Stay tuned for those results in just 14 short days!

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Ryan Garcia

Father of two boys, husband, attorney for Dell (Social Media, Retail, Gaming), Broadway geek, comic book geek, science fiction geek, gadget geek.

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