Extinction Undone? Science….Uh….Uh….Finds a Way?



Much like the people who watched the rise of Skynet in the Terminator films and muttle onward to developing super smart computers, here comes some ninnies who want to clone extinct animals.  The Dennis Nedrys of the world won’t stand a chance!

De-extinction, or the idea of bringing extinct species back from the dead, has come a long way over the quarter century since Jurassic Park was first published. It has now matured into a quasi-serious science and has even been the subject of its own TEDx conference. Of course, no-one is talking about bringing back dinosaurs – their DNA is lost for good – but some scientists are proposing to resurrect a range of other, more-recently extinct species such as the passenger pigeon and the gastric-brooding frog, both lost within living memory.

There are quite a few animals that have become extinct relatively recently that are potential candidates for de-extinction. They include the thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, a large marsupial carnivore wiped out by sheep ranchers a century ago, the Pyrenean ibex which was hunted for sport until the last one fell dead in 2000, and the Steller’s sea cow, a gentle giant annihilated by hungry sailors in the 18th century.

Yeah.  Yeah.  Today the Passenger Pigeons and the gentle Steller Sea Cow of the 18th Century.  Tomorrow?  Megaladon! Stop before this happens!


Source:  A British Tabloid Newspaper Which Is Better Than Citing The National Enquirer But Not Quite As Good As Wikipedia

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