This IS The Droid You Are Looking For: TOY BB-8


This is super top secret – yes – TOP SECRET! Shhhhh – don’t tell anyone that we may have saw the first rendition of a BB-8 toy, which was quickly removed from the internet. We can’t tell you anything more until after the break:

According to Gizmodo’s Toyland:

 [Yesterday] we were pointed towards a listing on the Fat Brain Toys’ website for an official Sphero remote control BB-8 toy coming from Orbotix—the company behind Sphero, and the technology behind the actual droid built for the film.

Shortly after reaching out to Orbotix’s representatives about it (who told us they couldn’t officially comment on the toy just yet) the listing for the BB-8 toy was removed from the Fat Brain Toys website. But we were able to screenshot the listing before that happened, and have included it here below. There’s not a lot of information on the BB-8 toy just yet—it’s listed at $150 but we’ve no idea how close it will function to the movie prop—but the listing did mention an availability of September 1 later this year.

Holy cow – September is right around the corner! …. Well, kinda.

Either way – you cannot deny this awesome listing, and what that means for Droidists everywhere! You can be sure we’ll be keeping our eyes on the Fat Brain Toys website for months to come.


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