Gabbing Geek Reacts: Jared Leto as Joker!

Late Friday, we got a first peek at Oscar Winner Jared Leto as Joker. What did your Gabbing Geeks think of the released photo? Find out after the break!

We went around the horn to get some reactions:

Ryan: This look is amazing. It isn’t cartoony like Jack. It isn’t dark and scary like Heath. This is bold and terrifying and could be a lot of fun. The tattoos are awesome, the overall look is both fun and scary. Perfect mix for a movie where he’s kinda the bad guy but kinda isn’t. Suicide Squad is already looking better than Batsoup.

Jimmy: The look doesn’t do much for me but in the end it is more about the entire performance so I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.  It is not a classic Joker look, but he has had many different ones over the years especially across different entertainment mediums.  But where is the Joker Smile™?

Jenny: Meh – yeah, I said it. I feel a little “meh” about the new look for Joker. I don’t know if it’s the overly obvious “Damaged” tattoo on his forehead, or the fake grill on his teeth that screams “TRYING TOO HARD” but if feels to me that they told Jared to go into Hot-Topic and pick out a few things to relate to kids these days. I am one for giving Jared and the producers some creative liberties, and I will admit he does look insane, but did we need the overly contrived body art and ghetto grill to communicate that? Personally, I don’t think so. We’l see how it all comes together once the movie comes out.

Aron: The look is too literal. It’s like they don’t get the subtlety of what makes the Joker so insanely great. The Joker isn’t going to get the word “damaged” tattooed on his head. If you can’t tell by his actions that he’s damaged then you’ve totally missed the point. The “hahaha” is interesting but I wold have rather seen that done as scarification than tattoos. I just imagine the Joker sitting in a cell in Arkham carving up his own skin with a sharpened toothbrush and then stabbing a nurse in the jugular for giving him jello instead of pudding.

Jimmy: I hate the “damaged” tattoo. And like Aron’s take on the rest of the tattoos.

Aron: You must have missed the joker smile… It’s tattooed on his forearm.

Jimmy: I saw that.   The whole look almost seems like he is someone inspired by the Joker, not the Joker himself.

Aron: I liked the tweet: “looks like he fell into a vat of hot chocolate”
Damn you auto correct!

Jenny: Hot chocolate is cool too.

Watson: It’s very intriguing. Nicholson was the classic CLOWN Joker. Ledger did the nihilist enigma. Leto looks more serial killer/nightmare. The teeth are a new touch. Very interested in this approach to a character that is constantly reinvented. I like it better than you guys seem to and since my opinion is more important…

Ryan: Nope. I like it more. But good try.

Tom: One of my frequent complaints about “Man of Steel” was the washed out color scheme.  The video Watson posted recently of the vibrantly-colored version actually looked more like a Superman movie than the actual movie.  I know Warners/DC may be a little gunshy given the flop that was “Green Lantern” while contrasting the vast fiscal success of Nolan’s “Dark Knight” movies…its easy to see why Warners/DC would want to be more like the latter, but that doesn’t necessarily work for Superman.
Why, then, do I feel like Suicide Squad’s Joker is the most colorful thing in the cinematic DCU so far?  The new movies could use a boost of humor and fun where appropriate?  Is the Joker the best character for that?  Is Suicide Squad?  I don’t know.  And for all the complaints about “Batsoup,” this movie seems a lot more crowded right now.
Add on:  That said, the tattoos do give off a bit of a Charles Manson vibe.

Ryan: It’s a very modern Joker. That’s what makes it interesting. All the kids today have ink. Joker today would totally have ink.
I’m surprised there aren’t more piercings. Or maybe we just can’t see them.
I could imagine a scene with this joker with a metal detecting wand being run over him, constantly going off. “Piercings, my good man, piercings” he laughs as they wave him through. Then he takes out all the piercings and snaps them together to make a knife.

Watson: I worry about the piercings we “can’t see”…

Ryan: I keep telling you, your infection wasn’t that common. He’s fine.

Jimmy: And the Joker might be the most colorful thing in the DCU now…but once upon time so was Superman during filming.

Watson: The idea that a clown is colorful is somehow surprising?

Jenny: ha!

Watson: Final question: grade this picture on a scale of 1 to 10 bowties?
I go with 8!

Jimmy: 6

Tom: 7


Ryan: Orange fishing pole.

Jenny: 5 because I’m not impressed. 6 because he does look insane. Soooooooo 5.5 
And Ryan, it’s orange fish.
Biiiiiig difference.

Ryan: Give a woman a fish she does math badly for a day. Teach a woman to fish and she’ll do math badly for a lifetime.
Jenny: Dammit.

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