Daredevil Is Netflix’s Most Watched Show!

Marvel's Daredevil season 2 drops on Netflix

The Nielsen ratings are straightforward.  Everyone gets those results.  HBO is a little different, but we saw the Game of Thrones ratings this morning.  What about Netflix, which is not really a network but a self-service offering?

According to Variety:

One of the media business’s best-kept secrets isn’t entirely confidential after all: Netflix audience ratings.

An analysis shared exclusively with Variety revealed the numbers for many of Netflix’s most recently launched original series — including which new shows already seem to be challenging “House of Cards” in popularity.

“Daredevil,” the first of multiple superhero dramas coming to Netflix as part of a deal with Marvel, premiered April 10, and is seeing strong sampling, with an estimated 10.7% of subscribers watching at least one episode in its first 11 days on the streaming service.

By way of comparison, the third season of “House of Cards,” which premiered Feb. 27, attracted 6.5% of subs over its first 30 days of availability. New comedy “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” also bettered “Cards” in its first month (7.3%)

Geek show is the #1 offering of Netflix.  The #1 offering of HBO.  The #1 movie every year.  What an age to be a geek!

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