Global Smart Phone Wars: Samsung v Apple


The battle for tech supremacy is something that really excites me.  It’s both gadgets AND numbers.  Geek nirvana.  So who is currently winning the war for global domination?

Per Venture Beat:

Samsung beat out Apple as the biggest vendor of smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of this year, according to research out today from analyst firm Strategy Analytics.

Samsung held 24.1 percent of the vendor market share in the quarter, while Apple had 17.7 percent, according to an article about the report from the firm. In the fourth quarter of 2014 — the holidays — the two mobile device makers were neck and neck with 19.6 percent market share each, the firm found.

Based in Seoul, Samsung shipped 83.2 million smartphones, while Apple shipped 61.2 million, Strategy Analytics said. Lenovo-Motorola and Huawei trailed behind Samsung and Apple in the statistics the firm collected.

It is always surprising to see Apple #2 in this space.  Obviously Apple is winning on price, and probably far ahead of Samsung on margin.  But in the battle for unit share, Samsung can claim a small win.

2 thoughts on “Global Smart Phone Wars: Samsung v Apple”

  1. I’m on my third Samsung phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Samsung Galaxy Note 4).

    I truly LOVE the phone and the screen and the software. I’ll never go back to a small phone voluntarily. Yes, I know that the iPhone 6/6+ are larger. I’m not ignorant.

    That being said, I’m happy that, in this instance, Apple is #2. You can’t be on top forever when you don’t give ALL consumers what they want.

    Just saying.


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