New M Night Shyamalan Movie! Yay?

Hey, "The Sixth Sense" is still good, right?
Hey, “The Sixth Sense” is still good, right?

M. Night Shyamalan has a new movie coming out, a horror movie called The Visit.  Why do people keep giving this man money to make movies?  Do they still earn profits?  I sure don’t know.  I just work here.  Ask Watson or Ryan.  They actually keep track of such things for some reason.

Anyway, the new movie dropped a trailer recently, and I will say Shyamalan does know how to compose shots well and with creepy atmosphere.  It’s his stories that tend to suck.  C’mon, trees were killing people and aliens invaded a planet that was 75% covered in the substance that burned them like acid.  You go to a Shyamalan movie, you know what you get:  a lot of silliness surrounding well-composed shots and creepy atmosphere.  See the trailer below for how a trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s can go horribly wrong when they’re possessed by demons or something.  It looks silly.

My God, he may be trying out Found Footage!

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