Furious 7 to Robotech?

With Furious 7 a massive global hit, the team behind it is looking for their next projects. Could the director be heading to Macross?

Robotech has been rumored as a franchise for years. Could it finally be here?

James Wan is in early discussions with Sony Pictures to direct Robotech, the feature adaptation of the 1980s sci-fi anime series that is being eyed as a worldwide franchise. Wan is one of the hottest directors in town after Furious 7‘s success — it has grossed $1.3 billion so far in worldwide box office — and has a lot of offers on the table

Transformers and Pacific Rim have proven that we have the FX to do this right. Let’s just hope the script is better. And while we are at it, BRING ON VOLTRON!!!
Source: THR

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