“It” Remake Casts the New Pennywise! Jenny Beware!


The new It remake hinges on one thing:  Whether the new Pennywise can be as creepy and charismatic as Tim Curry’s turn as the titular clown from the 80’s miniseries (pictured above in his second most memorable performance).  Well now we know who is playing the creeper who haunts Jenny’s dreams!

According to Variety, Pennywise will be played by Will Pouler.

While the role is dark and evil, sources say Poulter is more than capable of taking on the character especially after his work on New Regency’s “The Revenant,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In the Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu film, he plays one of the robbers who leaves DiCaprio for dead after he is mauled in the wilderness by a bear. Insiders who have seen early footage feel that Poulter, 22, is more than ready for a villainous lead.

Poulter has the comedy chops too, as he was HILARIOUS in We’re the Millers.  He also played Gally in the film adaptation of the Maze Runner so he’s done the geek genre as well.


The property is set to be split into two films:  one covering the childhood and another covering the characters as adults.  This is actually one novel into multiple movie ideas that makes sense.  The miniseries treated the material in the same manner….and the book IS 900 pages.


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