Steel Boned DRAGON Corset Are On Fire!


I wonder if anyone can train me to make these dragon scales, because these are just beautiful. Thanks to Etsy shop owner PowderedandWaisted, you too can revel in the glory of dragon scales all over you body. Each corset is hand dyed silk with organza ‘scales’, while the whole thing is silk lined. You can ask for your choice of colors as the silk is custom dyed. See more after the break:

PowderedandWaisted is a designer/creator based near Nottingham, England who takes pride in the face that she makes every item herself. She uses the finest cottons, satins and silks and if possible, and regularly up-cycles and integrates modern, vintage and antique fabrics and trims into her designs.

She had this to say about the fit of each corset:

“I believe a corset should be a comfortable, wearable piece of clothing that should give a defined waist without squeezing the rest of the flesh, or giving no definition at all like so many of the mass manufactured ‘corsets’ and bustiers available. I don’t recommend my corsets for tight lacing, rather to make you feel like a woman and hug your curves and gently shape and define your waist.

All my couture corsets contain an internal waist stay which reinforces the area for gentle waist reduction of 2″ – 4″, depending on how ‘squishy’ you are, and are constructed from the finest spiral and sprung steel boning and English cotton coutil to support, smooth, define and enhance your figure into an hourglass shape. It is only the waist area that should be cinched, the bust should not be squeezed or flattened. The numbers of steels and spirals can be modified to suit each figure.”










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