Studio Announces Fate of Kingsman Sequel…


For some films we know opening weekend that they are destined for sequels.  Some have to wait to see how the final numbers look.  $400M globally is usually the number that spurs the discussion of go-or-no-go for a sequel to an action franchise.  Kingsman is currently sitting at $401M.  Well the conversation has occurred and we now know whether the Kingsman is a one shot flick or a franchise.

Kingsman opened fairly well, but it was really the legs of the box office numbers that led to Fox GREENLIGHT the sequel for this really fun movie.  We got a franchise here!

There was no announcement by the studio or a timetable, but there will be a followup to the R-rated comic book adaptation directed byMatthew Vaughn and starring Colin Firth, individuals with knowledge of the project told TheWrap.

It makes sense. The London-set “Kingsman: The Secret Service”crossed the $400 million mark at the global box office this weekend. It generated most of that — about $275 million — from abroad.

Happy to see where they go with this.  This was a fun movie and I would like to explore this universe a little more.  This will be an original script as Mark Millar did not do a sequel to the comic series on which this film was based.  Here’s to hoping Millar is involved in the story.  His cheeky style was front and center in this movie!

Source: The Wrap

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