Casting News For Cap!

He messed with the wrong Captain!
He messed with the wrong Captain!

Beloved British thespian Martin Freeman, having conquered the Geek realms of SherlockThe Hobbit, and the TV version of Fargo (which was actually quite good), has been cast in the upcoming Captain America:  Civil War as…I have no idea, actually.  Nobody does.  Well, presumably Freeman knows.  And the casting director.  His agent.  A few other people.  He’s in the movie, OK?

Let’s make some wild speculation then…he’s a penny-pushing bureaucrat who somehow gets mixed up in this whole “Civil War” kerfuffle, but given Freeman’s general demeanor, he’ll put the “civil” in “Civil War”.  He’s just so charming, even if he does what he did in the first episode of the TV version of Fargo.  If you’ve seen it, you probably know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t, beware mentioning spoilers around Ryan and his length of rubber hose.

(No, it really is quite good.  Trust me.)

Or, you know, maybe he’s going to be Speedball.  Or Night Thrasher.  Or the new Spider-Man.

Henry Peter Gyrich maybe?

But maybe he’ll be just doing a cameo before playing the crucial role of “Wong” in the upcoming Dr. Strange.  The character may be racist enough as it is, so why not let a man who clearly isn’t the slightest bit Asian play him?  It worked for the Mandarin.  Or it didn’t.  I mean, I liked that twist, but I’m not everybody.

But remember who’s playing Dr. Strange…

Wrong franchise, guys.
Wrong franchise, guys.

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