Incredibles 2, You Say? Sure, Why Not, Brad Bird Says!



There doesn’t seem to be much excitement over the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.  And the past ones were rather blah at best too.  Could it be that no one can get that particular family of superheroes right?

Well, yeah, someone could.  Brad Bird, director of both animated and live action films, sort of pulled it off with the excellent Pixar film The Incredibles, where a stretchy hero, a strong hero, an invisible/forcefield projecting hero, a younger member who bursts into flames…and a speedster…save the day from a jealous guy who’s power comes only from technology and then go off to fight some guy who popped up out of the ground like some kind of mole.  Well, its mostly like Marvel’s FF, and it was a ton of fun.  What could make it more fun?

Hey, how about Bird saying his next film will be The Incredibles 2?

I’d be up for that.  Even if sequels are often disappointing compared to the original.

Yes, I will use this announcement to pimp my own articles.  Why do you ask?

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