Like Podcasts? You’ll Love A Free Audio Book!

Want this for free?  Yes, you do!
Want this for free? Yes, you do!

If you’ve enjoyed listening to the Gabbing Geek podcast, and judging by the traffic at least dozens of you have, then you might also like listening to an audio book.  If the last time you tried listening to a book was by using a bunch of tapes or CDs, the technology is amazing now.  Audible was purchased many years ago by Amazon but only recently did they finally connect Kindle books with Audible audio books.  The result?  The two formats perfectly sync.  Find out what that means for you and how you can get a free audio book at after the break!

Say you’re reading a book but now you need to drive to work.  If you have the Audible audio book on your phone you can get in your car and fire up the audio book–it will know to start reading exactly where you left off in the book.  And after your commute when you have a few moments at lunch to read a bit more, you can fire up your Kindle app and it will know exactly where the audio recording left off.

It’s magic.  And it’s awesome.  And thanks to a special sponsorship by Audible, it’s now free for you to try!

Audible and Gabbing Geek are pleased to offer our readers and listeners a free audio book and 30 day subscription to  Just head over to and you’ll get a free audio book.  Go crazy and get a giant book like Game of Thrones.  Or get an amazing book like The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August (fantastic, fantastic book and not just because its author gave Gabbing Geek an exclusive interview earlier today).

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