Gabbing Geek 37: TV And Movies

Gabbing Geek 37: TV And Movies
Gabbing Geek 37: TV And Movies

The latest episode of the award winning Gabbing Geek podcast is out and it’s amazing.  We’re talking about TV shows and movies which we haven’t done since…what…episode 36?  Take a listen now to hear about next fall’s geek tv shows, James Cameron film rankings, and some discussion on Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing and the amazing movie Krull!  Find out more after the break!

Gabbing Geek Episode 37 is winning all the awards just on our incredible episode name: TV and Movies.  Because we’re talking all about TV shows and movies—unlike every other week ever on the podcast.  We start off with our Geekiest News of the Week (GNOW) where we cover, that’s right, TV.  What geek shows have been cancelled, what’s been renewed, and what new shows are coming out in the Fall that have probably already been cancelled by the time you hear this podcast?

Geek Mail is back with a vengeance with not one, not two, not even four, but THREE geek mails to read!  How many times will Jenny break out with her Bane impression this week during the emails?

Next up it’s time to revisit those geek blind spots we identified back in episode 33.  We cover the first trade of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run, the classic and amazing movie Krull, followed by the only slightly less amazing movie Aliens.

And hey, speaking of James Cameron (he directed Aliens but you knew that), we finish up this episode with another List of Truth.  This time we’re ranking the seven movies James Cameron has directed.  Which movie ends up on top?  There’s only one way to find out!

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