Podcast Reaction: My God, Krull Edition

I haven't actually seen this movie, but its already ahead of "Krull" in my mind.
I haven’t actually seen this movie, but its already ahead of “Krull” in my mind.

This week on the podcast, the guys and Jenny discussed some blind spots and James Cameron movies, one of which was a blind spot for Jenny.

I don’t want to discuss that.

I want to discuss Krull.

So, a couple weeks ago, the Gabbingest of Geeks named more of their blind spots and chose Alan Moore’s excellent Swamp Thing for Ryan, Aliens for Jenny, and Krull for Watson.  I’ve seen or read all these things, so I opted not to rewatch since I’m doing plenty of other stuff for this site in various rewatches and read-throughs and other stuff maybe three people read here, but I did mention that in a previous podcast reaction that I didn’t care much for Krull.  I didn’t say too much, in order to keep from influencing the people who hadn’t seen it one way or the other.

But, really, Krull sucks.

Now, at the time I wrote my previous podcast reaction, I speculated my dislike for the movie may have stemmed from not seeing the movie when it came out.  My guess is that’s why Ryan loved it.  That is the only reasonable explanation for that opinion!  Seriously, what is good about Krull?

This is yet another reason why I hate nostalgia.  We end up elevating crap.

I mean, let us consider that none of the guys remembered that bladed frisbee thing was called a “glaive” and not a “krull”.  “Krull” was the name of the planet they were on.  Don’t be too impressed by my memory, as I had to check Wikipedia for those terms.  And it was meant to kill the Beast!

But, if I do remember correctly, the glaive didn’t do jack to the Beast but annoy it.  They killed the thing with magical flamethrower hands!

Besides, the glaive could only kill, like, three minions at a time.

In fact, I will go so far to say Krull may have a worse curse on it than Clue.

Yes, Clue is far more quotable and far better than Krull.  I can rewatch Clue.  I have for this site!  The other reason I didn’t go for a rewatch this time around was I seriously did not want to rewatch Krull again in my lifetime!

Look, this movie is making me underline points.  That cannot be a good thing.

How cursed is Krull?  What is the Krull Kurse if you will?

It killed whole careers!  Only Liam Neeson, Robbie “Hagrid” Coltraine, and Freddy Jones have done anything really worth noting since then out of the entire cast.  Director Peter Yates has done pretty well for himself, but not with stuff like Krull.

It killed the fantasy genre!  You spend that much money on a bomb, and studios will not greenlight more like it for a long time.  Who knows?  Maybe Geek Culture would have progressed further and earlier had that not been the case.

Ryan was right about one thing, though:  people who’ve seen Krull will not be forgetting it.  Ever.  They will wish they could, but they will not.

Oh, by the way, Jenny was completely wrong about True Lies too, but not as wrong as Watson was on Sigourney Weaver.  Fortunately, neither of them were as wrong as everything there is about Krull.

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      1. Internet polling is inherently unreliable, but I can play along. ScarJo sci-fi action vehicle “Lucy” was ranked at 6.4 stars out of 10 with almost 249,000+ votes, and I am NOT one of them.

        So, I guess Lucy is better than Krull.

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