Fallen: Your Sneak Peek

FallenCoverFallen is a comic book coming out in June with amazing art by Jose Holder and a story written by me.  I’ve mentioned it a few times on the podcast but never on the site–it’s one of those projects where I forget who I’ve told and how many times.  Guiding a comic book from initial idea to script development to hiring a creative team and developing the entire book has been an adventure and a half.  But the journey is almost at an end and Comic Book Resources ran an exclusive first look at Fallen: Self-Made Man earier this week. Head on over there to see the first few pages.  The comic will be out next month on Comixology, something I’m sure I’ll post about as it approaches.

Published by

Ryan Garcia

Father of two boys, husband, attorney for Dell (Social Media, Retail, Gaming), Broadway geek, comic book geek, science fiction geek, gadget geek.

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