What 2015 Movie Could Surpass Mad Max on My Top Movies List?


In his mini-review of Mad Max: Fury Road, Ryan accurately says that Mad Max is the best movie of the year. That is true. It sits way atop my list for the year so far. He then says only Episode 7 has a chance to pass it up. Go home, Ryan. You’re drunk. Here are some flicks who can go past even the awesomeness that was Max.

Ok. I’ll skip discussion of Episode Seven. That has the chance to be epic. It looks amazing…although so did Avengers 2 and that kinda licked the cat’s butt.

So OTHER than Star Wars, I could see the following movies passing Mad Max on my list:

The Brad Bird helmed, George Clooney led film has a very special look to it. I could see this one being amazing.

Inside Out


Inside Out opens
Inside Out opens

Pixar’s answer to the 80’s sitcom Herman’s Head looks to be more Toy Story than Cars. More Up than…well… Cars 2?

The Geeks are lowering expectations after AoU, but I think this movie will not be as burdened with setting up future franchises and will have time to breathe like Guardians of the Galaxy. GotG was better than Mad Max, so if Ant-Man over performs the same way we’ve got a contender.

The Walk
I saw the trailer for this Joseph Gordon-Levitt biopic at Mad Max this weekend and it looked amazing. It’s the true story of the the man who walked a tight rope between the Twin Towers. A popular documentary covered the same subject…but did NOT have JGL.

In the Heart of the Sea
It’s Rob Howard, and he is usually good-not-great. But this “true story of Moby Dick” pic looks like a Beautiful Mind or Cinderella Man caliber Oscarbait.

Some Indie Art House Flick That Isn’t Popularly Known Yet Which Ryan is 50% Likely To Fall Asleep During
At this point last year, I’d probably not heard much about Whiplash, Imitation Game, or Nightcrawler. Ryan even liked these three movies!

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (Director’s Cut:NC-17 Edition)
The hardcore Segue scene that got cut because even Mapplethorpe would have found it disturbing will raise the film 94% on RT.

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