New Writers Announced For Transformer Cinematic Universe (I Just Threw Up In Ultron’s Mouth a Little)


Not happy to just make billions on the main crappy movies.  The producers want to have multiple series, ala the MCU.  Who is involved?

Allegedly the other Transformers movies had writers, so I guess we need writers for these films too.

Two months after Paramount and the Transformers brain trust of Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Lorenzo di Bonaventura picked Akiva Goldsman to incubate ideas for a multi-part sequel and spinoff films based on the billion-dollar franchise, they have finalized their “writers room.” And it’s a doozy.

Huh?  Did the article seriously just describe a group including Michael Bay as a “brain trust”?  Spielberg? Yes.  di Bonaventura?  Sure.  Bay?  Neither word applies!  Goldsman is hit or miss.  He’s a Oscar winning screenwriter (A Beautiful Mind) who also wrote one of the worst movies ever (Batman & Robin).  Who did HE pick?  Let’s read on…

Goldsman’s four-team roster features some of the top names in sci-fi,I’ve learned:Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman,Iron Man scribes Art Marcum&Matt Holloway,Pacific Rim 2‘s Zak Penn and Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Lost‘s Jeff Pinkner. I’m hearing the ink isn’t even dry on the deals, but that is a major-league lineup to join Goldsman, who is spearheading it all for the studio, Hasbro, Spielberg and Bay (Bay and Goldsman were college buddies at Wesleyan). More writers will be added.

Kirkman?  Interesting.  Ryan may like that one.

Hey, brain trust.  Hire me!  I can write a Michael Bay movie! Here we go:

Exterior:  A City In Peril

Optimus Prime:  The Decepticons are at it again.

Boobs Magee:  What ever should we do?

Chet Manly: What we always do….SAVE THE WORLD!

Close Up on Chet Manly


If that dialogue is in a Bay movie, I couldn’t even sue…

Source:  Deadline

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