Gabbing Geek 39: Totally 80s

Gabbing Geek 39: Totally 80s
Gabbing Geek 39: Totally 80s

Did you love the 80s?  The hair, the fashion, the movies, the interest rates?  The 80s were totally tubular!  Gabbing Geek has devoted an entire episode to this beloved decade.  You can listen to it now or jump after the break to read more about it!

It’s back to the 80s with Episode 39: Totally 80s!  We start off with a fun I Love The 80s trivia game by Jenny featuring trivia questions from 80s movies.  How high does a furnace go?  You’ll find out!

Then we dive deep into the 80s nostalgia and cover our Top 3 80s movie songs.  So many incredible songs to choose from—will your favorite make the cut?

We end our look back at the 80s with everyone’s favorite tough choices game: ROD.  Otherwise known as Rent, Own, Delete, it’s the game craze sweeping the podcastiverse.  This time our podcasters take turns identifying three beloved 80s films—one you can rent (see one more time and then it’s gone), one you can own (keep it forever), and one you must delete (it will never be seen again).  What difficult choices will the Gabbing Geek crew make?  What rules will be broken?  Who can recite The Breakfast Club in its entirety?  Find out in this episode!

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