Read-Along Updates For The Week

6380So, what’s Tom doing this week for his read-alongs, asked absolutely nobody?

Well, tomorrow will be the next Bone read-through post covering Volume 6, Old Man’s Cave.  Questions are answered in that one that should be worth a look for people who’ve never read the books and are too lazy to read such a delightful series.

Then on Thursday, I’ll have another Discworld post, this time covering the first of the City Watch books, Guards!  Guards!

Now, last week there was no DCAU discussion between myself and Jimmy.  There will be one this week, possibly Wednesday.  It all depends.  You see, Jimmy and I decided to count the two-part “Two-Face” episode as one episode, and will continue to count the two parters are single episodes.  So, to make our three episode quota for the post, we had to watch both “Two-Face” episodes (no problem), the surprisingly solid “It’s Never Too Late” (again, no problem) and then….shudder…”I’ve Got Batman In My Basement”.  That one is bad.  Really bad.  It was hard to watch that one again, but due to our ongoing effort to be thorough for the sake of our readers, Jimmy and I forced our way through that last one.  You’re welcome.

As soon as we finish discussing that one, I can edit it and throw it up.  I expect that to be Wednesday, which may be the new day for that regular column.

So, now you know.

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