Need To Buy 50-60 New #1’s This Fall? All-New, All-Different Marvel Has You Covered


We learned a lot about Marvel’s post Secret Wars plans over the weekend.  After the break we’ll recap what we know so far from the two released teaser images, Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel at SE:NYC’15 and some odds and ends from the FCBD offering Avengers #0.

Of note, some of this could be considered spoilers, but minor…

First, the teaser images:



What to expect post Secret Wars:

  • If you call it a reboot, Doctor Doom will come to your house and kick you in the shin.
  • The future version of the Hulk known as The Maestro will stick around the current Marvel timeline.
  • There will be a new Wolverine, his female genetic clone X-23.
  • There will be an…old Wolverine.  It seems that Old Man Logan will make it through Secret Wars and join the Marvel Universe proper.
  • There will be an all new Hulk that Marvel says will ruffle feathers the same way that female Thor did.  Though the new Hulk is confirmed as being male, and not Bruce Banner.
  • Speaking of female Thor, she’ll still be around.
  • As will Sam Wilson Captain America.
  • Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez will launch a new Invincible Iron Man title.  Bendis says that it is 100% Tony Stark in the armor.  Marvel is touting this as their new flagship title going forward.  Makes sense that Iron Man is front and center on both teaser images then.  Bendis also teased that Tony’s new armor can transform into any of his previous armors.
  • All Marvel titles will be starting over with a new #1 this fall.  They will be released over three to four months and expect between 50-60 of them.
  • Expect a new collection of female hero themed True Believers books.  Marvel’s $1 priced reprint series.  Included will be “Silk,” “Spider-Gwen,” “She-Hulk,” “Thor,” “Black Widow” and “Ms. Marvel”.
  • Jenny will be excited to know that there will be a series of cosplay variant covers.
  • A-Force will continue as an ongoing series.
  • Spider-Gwen and some portion of her supporting cast will join the Marvel Universe.  That’s gonna be awkward for Peter Parker.
  • The Thing appears to be a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy…
  • …while Star Lord does not.
  • Johnny Storm is busy hanging with the Inhumans and locking lips with Medusa.  I’m not sensing an FF title anytime soon, though Marvel did say long ago to expect one post Secret Wars.
  • Daredevil has a new costume, more in line with the Netflix series.
  • Doctor Strange is now carrying a huge axe.  (Is it the one Steve Rogers is currently using in Planet Hulk?)
  • Citizen V from the early Thunderbolts run has returned.  (Go read Thunderbolts if you haven’t already.)
  • Marvel will drift towards a “seasonal model” for their books, ala TV seasons.  (Which they kinda do anyway in a lot of cases, writing towards a collected trade version.)
  • All stories after Secret Wars will pick up with it being 8 months in the future.
  • The character of Red Wolf from the Secret Wars series 1872 will stick around.
  • There will be a new Spider-Man in town.  It doesn’t appear that Marvel is referring to Miles Morales either.  And no word yet on what that means for current Peter Parker Spidey.
  • Speaking of Miles, he’ll be in the MCU as expected, and a member of the Avengers.
  • And Miles won’t be the only surviving character from the Ultimate Universe that will crossover.  No word yet on who the others are.
  • There is a distinct lack of X-Men in the teasers outside of Wolverine, leading again to speculation that Marvel is going to segregate them going forward to be inline with the film universe.  Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Alex Alonso says to stay tuned for X-Men announcements and that there will be no segregation.  “I need to sell a lot of X-Men comics to keep my job.”

Phew!  Look for many more updates to come from Marvel in the next few months.

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