Spider-Man Complete Chronology: What The Hell Happened?

SpiderMan Chronicles

When I dropped off my resume to Gabbing Geek, one of the big draws to them was the work I had done on my own Spider-Man chronology.  Once I was hired (and grossly underpaid) it took a while but the Spider-Man Complete Chronology finally made it to the site.  There were several updates, but then…nothing.  No updates since April 30th.  But why?

Well, several things happened when the calendar flipped to May.  One, I started reading all of DC’s big event Convergence.  Actually, that started in April, but it did mean that my backlog of Spidey updates was used up quickly as I wasn’t reading anything in the chronology.  Two, I took a weeks vacation.  Which I needed, but put me well behind on deadlines.  (I’m still not finished my Convergence posts even though it ended a couple weeks ago.)  Three, as part of the whole Gabbing Geek Blindspots thing, I read the first trade paperback of Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing.  (Recommended if you haven’t read it already.)  Four, I started re-watching the excellent Batman: The Animated Series, which myself and Tom Kelly have been having quite a bit of fun discussing.  Five, I started reading all of Marvel’s big event Secret Wars.  So I’ve been busy.

So now with Swamp Thing set aside for the moment (I’ll finish that run…eventually) and Convergence technically over (I still have a dozen issues or so to finish up), my time should be a bit more freed up.  And I’m not overly impressed with the direction this new DC You is taking, so for the most part I’ve dropped any regular DC titles I’ve been reading.  That said…I’m still watching Batman and there are A LOT of Secret Wars books to read.

But fair not true believers, the project is near and dear to my heart and I hope to get back on the bandwagon with it as soon as possible.  Hopefully before All-New, All-Different Marvel makes an appearance, but time will tell.

And that’s the update you never thought you wanted and still feel you didn’t need.  🙂

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