Exclusive: The Martian Test Screening! Update: Taken Down

martianWith the release of the first trailer for Ridley Scott’s The Martian, we geeks are all looking forward to the movie itself and whether Ridley Scott can rebound from some recent stinkers.  We were beyond excited when we heard from someone who just this week was fortunate enough to attend a test screening of The Martian.  This was a working print but it seems like the studio is interested in seeing what they have on hand, hence the early viewing.  Given that within days of this test screening they moved the release date from November 25, 2015 to October 2, 2015, I’m guessing the studio is sensing a winner.  Find out what our agent on the inside had to say about the test screening after the break!  Don’t worry–it’s spoiler free!  Update after the break.

The Fox Intellectual Property department requested we pull down the notes we put up from the test screening.  I guess that means it was a legit screening, so thanks for the confirmation, Fox!  We’re friendly people over here at Gabbing Geek and even though we can’t see anything in the article that violates Fox’ intellectual property rights we’re still happy to help them out.  I think moving the movie even earlier in the year giving it more time in theaters before Star Wars opens says enough.


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4 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Martian Test Screening! Update: Taken Down”

  1. Can we, Fox Studios, ask you to remove this unauthorized review of THE MARTIAN? It was a test screening, not a finished product, and it’s hardly fair to all of the people who worked so hard on this film to be judged by the early showing. Laws and NDAs were breeched and we could have had Content Security reach our about this, but I thought I would reach out as a fellow lover of film… Please remove your premature judgement of this work in progress… It’s only fair… Thank you, Carol from Fox Films


    1. Hey Carol, thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure what’s unfair about a 9 out of 10 rating. I mean I know we’re all looking forward to the film but I don’t think only a 10 would be fair. It did say the film wasn’t done so I think we all imagine there’s room to get to a 10. Fingers crossed!

      Still, please let us know what part you think is unfairly judgmental and we’ll be glad to consider.

      We’re not aware of any laws being broken. Heck, we don’t even know if the report was true since we weren’t there. Felt true. And I guess your note confirms it. But happy to discuss further. Thanks!


      1. She didn’t say anything about the review, just politely asked that you don’t leave it up anymore (even though you were pretty much in the wrong). Kinda weaselly thing to turn any of this on them, as if the rating of the review has merit or as if acts as a gatekeeper. But I guess whatever drives clicks, eh?


      2. She said the review was unfair, which I’m not sure makes sense. Or even how fair is measured here. Not sure why that puts us in the wrong. And how did we turn it on them? We pulled and said why. That’s even nicer than removing the post because if you do that the cached versions will have the review–now they won’t.

        As for driving clicks–we don’t have ads on this site so clicks don’t matter much. But thanks for weighing in!


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