Original Sandman Art: DREAM, DEATH, & THE ENDLESS

The endless

If you haven’t explored the world of Neil Gaiman and his Sandman series which follows the story of Dream and his brothers & sisters (aka The Endless) through a twist of tales and adventures, then you need to stop reading this, and pick that up immediately. Not only is it a stunningly well written comic, but the characters are fascinating. The depth and beauty that each character beholds is hard to explain, but the art featured here by Yien Yip certainly conveys the differences that are described by Gaiman. From left to right we have: Delirium, Death, Destruction, Dream, Destiny, Desire, and Despair. After the break are more of Yien Yip’s “Endless” creations.

The endless 2

The endless 3





4 thoughts on “Original Sandman Art: DREAM, DEATH, & THE ENDLESS”

      1. Well, Neverwhere is amazing- as is Stardust, American Gods, Coraline… Good Omens was co-written with Terry Pratchett…

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      2. What wrencollins said. I’d recommend “American Gods” to start since it may be the most accessible to a Sandman fan. That one has a sorta sequel in “Anansi Boys”. “Good Omens” is quite good, but may read better if you’re at least a little familiar with Pratchett’s work (which I believe Jenny is not).

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