Hawkgirl Also Going To TV?


The CW may be putting up another DC Comics hero in a solo series.

Which one?  Did you miss the picture above this article?

Yes, despite the fact she won’t actually get much to do until Legends of Tomorrow hits the small screen, Hawkgirl may be in development for her own series.

So, which one?

Well, it looks like actress Ciara Renee would be playing Kendra Saunders.  Sort of.  This version would have the whole “past life” thing going on, but instead of wearing special Nth metal wings, hers would sprout from her back when her warrior woman past persona springs into action.


The producers behind Arrow and The Flash seem to know what they’re doing, and having an additional DC character, this one female, occupying a timeslot seems to be something that’s work out so far, but how soon until DC heroes are basically on every night for this network?  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing for us geeks, but I do wonder who gets the nod next.  Red Tornado?  Booster Gold?  Swamp Thing?  Captain Carrot?  Watson?

No to that last one.
No to that last one.

3 thoughts on “Hawkgirl Also Going To TV?”

  1. They need to slow way down on this.

    The last thing that needs to happen is for this to flop because they rushed it.

    Who knows, maybe Hawkgirl won’t have as big a following as they thought?


    1. Having the show in the development stage is not the same thing as ordering episodes. It means they’re looking into it before making the next step. it is not as if Hawkgirl is already part of the fall line-up. It could be they want this show to pop up after Legends of Tomorrow provided that series does well enough.


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