Miles Morales Will Be THE Spider-Man Of The All-New, All-Different Marvel


It’s no surprise that Ultimate Marvel breakout star Miles Morales would continue web slinging after Secret Wars in the new Marvel Universe.  He was one of the few truly original characters to come out of the Ultimate Universe, well, as original as a Spider-Man derivative can be.  He has been one of Marvel’s most popular characters, in any universe, since his debut in 2011 following the death of the Ultimate U’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

It’s been pretty much confirmed that Miles would be a big part of the post Secret Wars Marvel with his appearance as one of the newest Avengers in the Free Comic Book Day book from Marvel.  Over the weekend Marvel confirmed via the Daily News that Miles wouldn’t just be A Spider-Man, but would be THE Spider-Man.  The driving force behind all this seems to stem from the fanfare created by cries for Miles to become the next onscreen version of Spider-Man.  While that won’t happen anytime soon, those pleas did not fall on deaf ears.

The question now becomes, what of Peter Parker?

If you look at the image above closely you’ll notice in the background that there is a sign for Parker Industries.  The company that was founded by Peter when he actually had Dr. Octopus’ brain in his body.  It’s also the company that just was reduced to rubble in the last pre-Secret Wars issue of Amazing Spider-Man.  So it will be interesting to see how that gets reconciled, but it does give every indication that Peter will still be around.

Marvel has a lot of leg work to do between now and whenever Spider-Man #1 launches this fall.  But keep in mind that all the Marvel books will jump ahead 8 months post Secret Wars, so the “passing of the guard” between Peter and Miles will likely have occurred with a story to be filled in at a later date.  I have read that Peter will take over a “Batman Beyond” type mentor role to Miles.  While this makes some sense, Peter is not an old Bruce Wayne.  While he has grown up, Peter is still a very young man.  What would make him give up the webs completely?  My first thought is that perhaps this is not the 616 Peter, but the Peter we are currently seeing in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows.  Marvel has said there will be a new Spider-Man in town, perhaps it is this one, complete with daughter in tow.

It’s also possible that both Miles and Peter are Spider-Men in the new Marvel Universe, just with Miles taking center stage.  A revival of “Peter Parker, Spider-Man” title perhaps?

Look for Miles to take over as the main man (well, as much as a 14 year old can be a man…but hey, Peter started almost as young) this fall with a series written by the Ultimate team best known for handling him: Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli.

And similar to Miles, Marvel also has another breakout star on their hands with Spider-Gwen.  The “What if Gwen Stacy had been bitten by the radioactive spider?” style variant of Spider-Woman.  Nothing official has been announced for her yet, but according to Marvel that will change this week.  So look for a big Spider-Gwen announcement on Wednesday.

Like Miles, she has been massively popular since her debut in Spider-Verse last year, and is currently starring in her own title as well as the Secret Wars Spider-Verse tie-in.  And just had an entire month of variant covers devoted to her.  I don’t think there’s any question she will be around post Secret Wars, the only real question is whether she will join Miles in the All New, All Different Marvel Universe or stay in a parallel universe of her own.

In either case, she probably won’t look like this.


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