Read-Along Updates For The Week


It’s Monday, so its time for a weekly (when I remember to do it) status update for the various read-alongs I do during the week.

Tomorrow will see the last installment of my Bone read-through pieces.

I’ll also have the first of my “Tom Recommends” articles, where I recommend a movie, book, TV show, comic book series, or whatever that I think is truly worth looking into.  I’m looking forward to this one since it gives me the opportunity to bounce around and just recommend stuff I think is fun.

Wednesday should, baring something unforeseen, have the next DCAU discussion between me and Jimmy posted.

Thursday, along with my usual “Misplaced Hero” column, there’ll be the next Discworld installment, covering book 11, Reaper Man.

So, come back and see some stuff.  If you want to.  No one’s forcing anybody…

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