And Now 30 Seconds Of A Guy Running With His Shirt Undone



Fear The Walking Dead has really turned into that girl that you spend the night eyeing at the other side of the bar.  She gives you a smile, you buy her a drink, she invites you over.  You spend hours talking loudly into her ear at close proximity because the hip hop music makes normal conversation impossible.  As the small talk continues you notice the smell of her hair.  She touches your arm and you touch the small of her back as you pull each other closer with each sentence.

Then 2AM comes and she’s all “I’m outta here with my friends” and the next thing you know you are with your married buddies eating hot dogs from a street vendor that you just know you would NOT be eating at any other hour of the day and in a non-intoxicated state of mind.

In other words, after the break is another unfulfilling tease for the new AMC Walking Dead companion show set to debut this August.

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