Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT


Sometimes you see a Batman, and you’re like, cool – that’s Batman. But then sometimes you see a BATMAN and everything stops – TIME ITSELF STOPS – and you hold your breath, and you pinch yourself, because before your eyes is something so magnificent, so unbelievable, so magical that it can’t be real. But it is – OOOOOH it is. Check out this amazing cosplay of Batman by Julian Checkley  He decided to create the outfit in honor of the Batman video games, specifically Batman’s look in Arkham Orgins. The armor is 3D printed and it includes a working fireball gauntlet (say what?), folding batarangs, and a wrist computer that displays sonar pings. OMG, I am in heaven! The 3D printing was done by Kevin LeProp with photos by Kamil Krawczak. Want to see more, and a video? – don’t stop, run past the break:






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