Gabbing Geek 43: Digital Comics, Inside Out, And Pixar

Gabbing Geek 43: Digital Comics, Inside Out, And Pixar
Gabbing Geek 43: Digital Comics, Inside Out, And Pixar

The latest Gabbing Geek podcast is up and it’s all about the Pretty Pictures.  We cover Comixology news and a brand new comic on their platform, discuss Inside Out (with a spoiler skip warning thanks to SpoilerBot 3000), and present our List of Truth for all 15 Pixar films!  Listen now or find out more after the break!

Episode 43 is all about Pretty Pictures.  After a brief discussion of audio books (because, you know, gets you a free one) we announce a new Geek Book Club for Episode 47—The Martian.  Read it now or head to that link for your free audio book of it!

In Geekiest News of the Week (GNOW) we cover some digital comics news.  Comixology app has a great update and the site just added Dark Horse comics!  Plus there’s a new comic out called Fallen and we have an exclusive interview with the writer of the book!  I won’t say it’s me.  Wait, is that talking about myself in the third person?  Does that make it the fourth person?  Does anyone read these notes?

Jenny mentions a fun article she wrote on the website about the Geek Fuel monthly mystery box. You should check it out.

We have a great discussion about Inside Out and we’ve activated SpoilerBot 3000 to let you skip ahead if you haven’t seen the movie.

After the Inside Out discussion we bring you our latest List of Truth where we’ve ranked all 15 Pixar films.  Which ended up on the bottom and which reigned supreme?  Find out!

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