These Minion Patches Will Have You In Stitches


OMG – these Minion patches evoke some serious squee! Etsy shop owner CharlaBustedStitches takes our beloved comic Minion characters from Despicable Me, and turns them into our favorite DC and Marvel superheroes. The above “Neptune Design” is actually Aquaman – I mean – no self respecting Neptune would wear a get-up like that, AmIRight? Charla doesn’t just do minion designs, she has a whole slew of amazing Minion patches to choose from, like Darth Vader, Star Trek, Kiss (yes, you read the right Minion-Kiss), and there’s even a Minion Mario Brothers. See more delightful Minion fun after the break: 

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2 thoughts on “These Minion Patches Will Have You In Stitches”

  1. Amazing, that Neptune minion looks exactly like the aquaman minion I did 2 yrs ago , EXACTLY like mine! As in the same one! I don’t recall being asked to use the picture by anyone, awful strange.


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