Gabbing Geek Box Office Report- Can a Minion Lead?


Ooh, Banana!  The Minions debuted this week and had the audacious task to dethrone the powerhouse combo of Jurassic World and Inside Out!  Who won the week?
* Coming in first this week  was Minions, grossing $115.2M in its debut weekend. Minions had the biggest first day opener ever and crushed all but Shrek 3 for the animated opening weekend.  Sad, because this was such a mediocre cartoon.


* Finishing second his week was with $18.1 was Jurassic World in its fifth weekend. How impressive is it that a movie in its fifth week nearly pulled a $20M weekend.  Ryan must be so thrilled!


* Number three this week Inside Out,  netting $17M in its fourth frame despite the HUGE competition from Minions.  Inside Out is a huge hit and has now earned $284M domestically.  That moves it into the #4 spot all time in the Pixar family; behind only Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo, and Up.  It should pass Up, but settling ahead of Nemo for #2 is going to be tough.

Inside Out opens

* Pulling in at #4 this week was Terminator: Genysis with $13.7M; representing only  a 50% drop week over week, the disappointment Ryan and Jimmy felt in week one is SLIGHTLY mitigated.

* Rounding out the top five this week was The Gallows  in its opening weekend with $10. I had never heard of this movie until checking the final weekend tallies.


* Finishing outside of the top five was Bradley Cooper’s Self/Less, opening at #8 with $5.4M.  Bradley Cooper’s last chance to be a leading man in Hollywood is Deadpool.  He hasn’t been able to land a big hit as the above-the-title star.


Source: Box Office Mojo

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