The Gabbing Geek Fantasy Ultimate Cup Rosters


On last week’s episode of of the Gabbing Geek podcast, the Geeks drafted their own Women’s Geek soccer team in honor of the success of the U.S. Women’s National Team.  Tom Kelly ducked his awesome responsibilities and didn’t judge the results of the draft, so we leave it to you.  Which team has the best roster?


Coach: Madame Web

Forwards: Phoenix, Thor, Chun Li

Midfielders: Squirrel Girl, Emma Frost, Aeon Flux

Defense (clap, clap): Molly Hayes, Big Barda, T-1000

Goalie: Ginny Weasely

Sweeper: Ginny Weasley



Coach: Gladriel

Forwards: Blue the Raptor, Cheetara

Midfielders: Power Girl, Angela, Supergirl, Wonder Woman

Defense (clap, clap): She-Hulk, Mileena (MK), Lagatha (Vikings), Samus Aran

Goalie: The Bitch from Aliens

Sweeper: Jenny doesn’t have a sweeper because sweeping isn’t women’s work, dammit!

30sixty Advertising


Coach: Amanda Waller

Forwards: Starbuck, Katniss Everdeen, Black Widow

Midfielders: Furiosa, Sara Walker, Death

Defense (clap, clap): Brienne of Tarth, Xena, Fiona

Goalie: Yu Shu Lien

Sweeper: Hit Girl


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